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What's in the box?


If you are curious about the inner and outer workings of a Beatbox you are in the right place. Here is a button by button breakdown of the box. Let’s begin the tour!

Let’s start outside. The box’s reinforced cardboard exterior doubles as a canvas. All it takes is some paint or pens to personalize it. Its portable size makes it perfect to bring anywhere you want to take it. You can have it with you wherever inspiration hits, whether that be the park or a party.

On the face of the box you’ll find 16 30mm durable and responsive mechanical Japanese arcade buttons that act as performance pads for all your finger drumming.

Above the performance pads there are four parameter control knobs that also function as buttons. The nifty knob-buttons control default channel volumes for the corresponding column of buttons below on the performance pad.

On the upper left hand corner you’ll find a multi-purpose joystick. It works as the menu navigator for the app and can be used to control an X-Y effector.

Below the joystick are eight 24mm arcade function buttons that can serve different purposes in different panels. You can play, pause, record, stop, and sample bank switch.

The back of the box is equipped with two 50 watt speakers. There is both a Type B USB port and a charging port in between the two speakers.

When you take a peek inside the box you will find that all cords lead to a Teensy 3.6 development board and a 3000mAh rechargeable battery pack.

And there you have it! The tour of the Beatbox is complete. We hope you enjoyed your time, and please feel free to sign up for the newsletter to receive 10% off at our crowdfunding campaign on your way out.

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