At Home with the BeatBox

The BeatBox Has it All.

Home Learning

Get a fun and easy at home STEAM education delivered to your doorstep in one box. The DIY kit teaches the fundamentals of building a working electronic instrument through the easy to follow guided assembly process, which only takes about an hour from start to finish. Use our free tutorials to learn the essentials of modern music production. The BeatBox bridges the gap between playing and learning.


The BeatBox is an affordable way to start making music that gives you more bang for your buck.  In addition to the unit, we provide our users with our very own mobile app software that comes free to download when you purchase the BeatBox.


We created the BeatBox with beginners in mind so we designed our app to be easy and intuitive to use. On top of that, the app comes preloaded with step-by-step tutorials that take users through each function and feature.


The BeatBox gives classic hands on learning a modern twist. It teaches users to use technology as a tool, not a lifeline. Modern music making with traditional and tactical applications built-in. Stop mindlessly scrolling and start creating.


The BeatBox was not made to sit on a shelf collecting dust after assembly. Building the kit is only step one of the experience. Spend your time productively by mastering music production, creation, and performance. 

Take the Challenge!

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