Get Started

Step 1:

Download the App!

Step 2:

Put it all together!

Follow instructions on the App Tutorial Page or check out the tutorial below to properly assemble your new BeatBox. 

Once you're set up, Download our Quality Assurance Tool to test your button layout!

Step 3:

Modes of the BeatBox!


Mode 1

Exclusive mode for the Rhythmo Lab app! This mode takes advantage of the 360 degree knobs on the BeatBox giving users endless control parameters, but it’s meant for the Rhythmo Lab app only.


Mode 2

Hold down the shift button and joystick button to enter mode 2! This is a generic MIDI controller mode. The knobs behave like normal MIDI knobs, and you can shift the key range of the main 16 pads by holding down shift and pressing one of the 7 control buttons, giving you 112 notes in total for performance. 


Mode 3

With basic soldering knowledge, an Arduino Uno, and a bit of coding, you’ll be able to make changes to the firmware of the BeatBox. Learn more about the process here!