Learn with the BeatBox

Why Teach with the BeatBox?

STEAM Learning

Like broccoli in brownies, the BeatBox blends STEM and music education into an all-in-one treat that everyone can enjoy. Users of all skill levels can discover the values of building an electronic with your own two hands. 


Master the basics of construction using screws, standoffs, and more. 

Learn just how electronics work by actually building one using cables, circuit boards, and more. 


The principles learned through the BeatBox assembly process can be applied to a variety of projects, such as exploring new ways to modify the unit. 


Building the BeatBox can present opportunities for users to overcome simple challenges and problem solve as an individual or as a team.

Assembly and Music Production

Putting the kit together is fun! It is rewarding work, that doesn’t really feel like work at all. 


Building an electronic instrument instills STEM principles and encourages teamwork and problem-solving. 


There are great tactile learning benefits to constructing a drum machine. The hands-on aspects of assembly range from basic construction principles to working with circuit boards.


The kit comes with every part and tool needed for assembly and as a bonus, there is absolutely no soldering involved.


Our mobile app comes with an easy to follow step by step assembly tutorial.


Once the kit is fully assembled, rebuilding can be done in a limited capacity. Modifying the BeatBox is both possible and encouraged!

The BeatBox puts an end to the outdated, out of tune music class recorder performances. It sets users up for success in the modern music world by teaching them the touchstones of electronic music production and performance.

We provide all of the hardware and software needed to create and play music with the BeatBox.

 Our mobile app hosts a production suite and a performance page, as well as step-by-step tutorials of the app features led by Elliot, a sweet and supportive guide. 

We have partnered with Melodics, a music education software, to provide BeatBox users with access to free finger drumming tutorials.


After assembly there is so much more to explore. Spend hours making music or discovering new ways to build on to the BeatBox.


The BeatBox encourages collaboration in many ways. Share the experience from building it together to creating music together to performing together.


Express yourself through music. Create your own performance style and sound.


Discover new ways to play by connecting the BeatBox to other instruments and DAWs.


We have partnered with Melodics™ , a music education software, to provide BeatBox users with free tutorials to learn how to perform songs from your favorite artists and genres.



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