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All-in one cardboard DIY MIDI controller.


The BeatBox Beginnings 

We created the BeatBox to be enjoyed by any and everyone. We wanted to break down the barriers to music production by making a beginner-friendly product that gives you everything you need to start learning and creating all in one box.


Everyone has the potential to make music, they just don’t always have the knowledge or the tools- that’s where the BeatBox comes in.


Built-in Speakers

and Battery Pack

The built-in speaker and battery pack allow you to take the BeatBox out of your bedroom and out into the world to play anywhere you want.

  • 16 large performance buttons

  • 8 function buttons

  • 4 360 knobs with push buttons

  • X/Y joystick

  • 15w speakers

  • Battery

  • Carrying case and handle

  • Upgradable

  • Compatible with popular music softwares


Music Production

We provide our users with our very own mobile DAW made specifically for the BeatBox, but it is also compatible with most major 3rd party DAWs and is MIDI mappable. 


Why Cardboard?

Cardboard has that great maker look and feel. It is lightweight, without sacrificing durability, making it the perfect chassis to build your BeatBox onto. It is also a super customizable canvas so you can give your BeatBox a look that reflects who you are.

Why Arcade Buttons?

The retro arcade-style buttons are both fun and functional. They provide satisfying tactile feedback. With 500,000 clicks, these buttons last a lifetime.  If the clicky buttons aren’t your thing, we also offer the option to upgrade to SANWA silent buttons that keep the retro gaming look.

Easy Assembly

The BeatBox can be assembled in under an hour. The kit comes with everything you need to put it together, and there are in-app guided tutorials that take you step-by-step through the building process. The best part of all is there is absolutely no soldering required.


The BeatBox is customization compatible! Feel free to deck yours out with doodles, paint, stickers, whatever your heart desires. You can also engineer new ways to modify your kit.


Check out how we have modified our units!

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