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Still in Development! (more features coming!)

Designed for optimal live finger drumming.

XY control - assign it to two effect parameters at the same time! (under development)

64 programmable drum pads between 4 groups per project.

MACRO effects - simple one knob effects that you can assign to individual pads

16 programmable drum pad buttons

Performance Page

File Management

Keep all of the samples you need in one place for easy access. You can upload your own samples from the cloud and organize them to best suit your needs. The app will come preloaded with a basic sample pack to start off with. You can save any pad layout as a sample preset so you can use it again and again!

Sequencer Page

You can control the sequencer pattern with a familiar 16 step workflow.

There are 16 patterns per group and 4 groups per project, so 64 patterns per project.

The Sequencer buttons can be played live and you can record live actions into the pattern.

The patterns can have a length of 1-32 bars.


Sampler Page


You can record your own samples using your mobile device, or line-in with an external microphone.

The sampler has baseline editing features including splicing and trimming.


You can take your fave sample and flip it to your heart's content.

We are still developing and adding new features so look out for updates!

Layering Page

Coming soon!

The layering page is where you can stitch all your loops together.


Take the sequences you made using the sequencer page and layer them however you want to create your dream sound.

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