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About Us

About Rhythmo

From Rhythmo Founder, Ethan Jin,

The BeatBox started as my semester project during my time at Babson College in 2017 for the MS in Entrepreneurial Leadership program. Initially there was not much thought into it, we were each simply asked to come up with a user need and a subsequent solution, which would be tested throughout the year with prototyping and research. I was fortunate enough to have a DJ background and some electronic tinkering knowledge, so I thought, what would be better to guarantee an A than building a drum machine kit? With that thought, I put together the first prototype for an arcade button drum machine with an Amazon box I had laying around, and won the whole classroom with a live remix during my pitch. 


The BeatBox instantly became the most loved project in our program, and throughout the year, I really started to realize how much of a potential in value the BeatBox can create. I had always struggled with my identity growing up, and it was not until college that I discovered my passion in music performance and DIY electronics, which gave me a lot more confidence and passion in life. I couldn’t help but wonder if these hobbies were easier to access back in my childhood, how different my life would have been. After all the positive feedback I’ve gathered on this project, I decided to keep it going after graduation by assembling a team dedicated to putting the BeatBox on the market. We really hope that by introducing a low-barrier product that gives people ability to be creative, express themselves, and understand the world around them better, we can help more people discover their true potential and passion.

Our Mission

We want to empower others through creativity and creating. Build your BeatBox and don’t stop there. You don’t need a lab to make the BeatBox your own creation. Harness your inner inventor by discovering new modifications and customising it to show off your personality. Disrupt your doubts about learning an instrument. With the BeatBox, you are a musician. Go produce, then go perform!

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