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Is this available to purchase now?

Not yet. Although our prototypes are pretty functional, we are still fine-tuning the hardware and software. Our Kickstarter campaign is launching in August. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date with our progress.

When will the product ship?

We’ll put in our order to the manufacturer after our Kickstarter campaign, which would most likely end in September. There is a 3 month production lead time, and we’ll likely need to spend some time fine-tuning the production run. So to answer the question, it should ship in Spring 2020.

How long does it take to build?

1-2 hours. We’ve had test run results averaging at around 1 hour and 15 minutes. We can now build them in as little as 30 minutes, but we’ve done it more times than we could even count.

Are you planning on selling pre-assembled units?

No. Assembling it is 50% of the fun!

Is it hard to assemble? Any soldering involved?

We’ve had users as young as 10 years-old assemble the Beatbox successfully. No soldering involved, everything is quick connection/screwed on!

Why aren’t you using velocity sensitive pads?

Mechanical arcade buttons are more durable and responsive than capacity sensitive pads, plus our design would put tremendous pressure onto the circuit boards if we went with touch pads. Although arcade buttons are not velocity sensitive, most finger drumming producers actually turn the velocity sensitivity function off in performance since it’s not reliable.

I don’t know anything about music production. Can I still play the Beatbox?

Sure! You don’t need any previous music knowledge to get your hands on the Beatbox. Plus, we are offering detailed tutorials within the app to run you through the process of producing and performing 4 tracks, which would hopefully get you familiar with the process. You’ll be finger drumming in no time.

How sturdy is the cardboard box?

The product has reinforced cardboard on stressed points, and support structures underneath the faceplate, so it’s surprisingly sturdy for a cardboard box. You’d have to try pretty hard to break it.

But the cardboard box won’t be waterproof!

There really isn’t a single waterproof drum machine out there now, is there? One thing to know ahead of time is that the cardboard will get stained if you play it with greasy hands, so… wash your hands.

What if the cardboard box breaks?

We’ll be selling the chassis boxes by themselves at a lower cost, so if you want to replace the chassis or change the box color, you’ll be able to assemble your parts onto the new box.

Any plans on releasing boxes with other materials?

Using premium body materials would add on to our cost of production, which would make the product cost more for our customers and defeat the whole purpose of a low-cost entry level product. We’ll be releasing the box die-lines for the product so if you have access to a 3D printer, wood workshop or CNC machine, you’ll be able to create your own boxes with any material you want.

Can the kit be disassembled and reassembled?

Everything is put together via quick connections, so you will be able to take the kit apart and reassemble it. The boxes may degrade after a few attempts to reassemble, but that’s why we offer boxes for sale individually.

Is this a MIDI controller or is it stand-alone?

It’s a MIDI controller, however we are bundling our own mobile app with the product, on iOS and Android, so you can just plug your phone in and get going. Since the product aims to be cost-effective, we didn’t see the point of adding processors into the hardware which would only up the cost for all of us, especially when everybody is already carrying around powerful computers in their pockets.

Does the Beatbox work with other DAWs?

The Beatbox is fully MIDI mappable, meaning that it will work with most of the DAW softwares on the market. The hardware also has a few built-in MIDI settings for popular DAWs on the market for better workflow.

Does the Beatbox come with sounds built-in? Will you be able to customize the sounds?

The Beatbox app will be pre-loaded with a few basic sample banks. The app also allows you to load any sounds on your local storage, and has a sampler built-in so you can record/edit samples to load to the pads.

What are the smaller buttons on the side for?

They are function buttons and they’ll serve different purposes in different panels, for example, in the default screen they’ll be play, pause, record, stop, and sample bank switch.

What is the joystick for?

For menu navigation so you don’t have to touch your mobile device as often; you can also set it to control an X-Y effector.

Is there a headphone jack?

Of course, we are not barbarians. There’s also going to be a microphone jack built-in so you can even record sounds into the app.

Can you use this with other speakers?

Yep, just use the headphone jack.

How loud are the speakers?

Very loud. Our prototypes have 50w speakers built-in to them, but we are starting to think no one needs that much portable power. We are thinking about downgrading them to 15w for cost-effectiveness.