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What's In My Bag? BeatBox Edition

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

A BeatBox

Of course for this to be a proper what’s in my bag: BeatBox edition, we have to have a BeatBox. The BeatBox has a built-in handle and comes with a cardboard carrying case so we can take it out with us even if the 8 by 9 inch drum machine doesn’t fit in our bag for the day.


The BeatBox has a built-in auxiliary port that we utilize as a headphone jack when we want to produce in public and not disturb our neighbors. Over the ear headphones are our preferred style but if you like the earbud kind better we won’t judge.


Our mobile app production suite is available for iOS, Android, and Chrome OS users so we make sure we have a tablet or phone with it downloaded on us at all times so if inspiration strikes we can take it out and make beats right then and there.

USB A to B Cable and USB Converter

To connect our BeatBox to our phone or tablet we use a USB A to B cable and USB converter. Once all ends are plugged in we’re good to go produce and perform.

Reusable Water Bottle

Gotta stay hydrated during those intense beat making sessions, and single use plastic water bottles hurt the the turtles and our wallets so we make sure we always leave the house with a reusable water bottle in our bags. We make sure the cap is screwed on tight because the BeatBox is not water-proof.

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