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We finally got units in hand!

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Good news: our inventory started coming in on the 24th!

We were supposed to have everything shipped to us on a dedicated truck, but again, due to shortage of workers, we decided to send our shipment to FEDEX and they decided to ship everything to us in batches. On the 24th, we received around 500 units. Everything else should be coming in on the 28th, which is the next day shipping services return to normal.

We are currently working on packing all the orders to start shipping out on the 28th. It's a bit of a time consuming process to pack - we are processing all of the orders ourselves, plus we are giving all units a final quality inspection before we ship. We should be able to finish packing and shipping all US orders by the end of the year.

Oh, and I finally got to take a look at the "glossy" white boxes. I have no idea what kind of atrocious camera setup our manufacturer representative had, but in person this glossy box doesn't look half bad. If anything this finish would be more dirt and liquid resistant. Take a look:

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