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First Steps on the RhythmoLab App

We've received quite a bit of feedback on users getting confused as of what to do when they first fire up the RhythmoLab app. Some concepts of the app isn't super apparent at first glance and a lot of the functions are hidden under "shift", and since this is a very new product, there's very little information online regarding how to use it. Anyways, we made a little video on how to load sounds for sample triggers on the RhythmoLab app. Check it out!

The RhythmoLab app is still very much in development and some workflows can change in the future, which is why we are holding off on making an in-depth tutorial. User experience on certain devices is also very limited and unstable. For a smooth experience, we recommend using a 3rd party application for now. There are quite a few of them that are free or pretty cheap on the App Store, our favorite one being the Koala Sampler by elf audio. (

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