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Stretch Goals!

GUYS, we’ve met our first Kickstarter stretch goal! Thank you to each and every one of our backers. We have more to hit, which we’ve listed out below. Stay in the loop by following us on Instagram and signing up for our newsletter on our home page.




We’ve made sure the BeatBox is even more on-the-go friendly by designing a cardboard carrying case for it. The BeatBox fits perfectly inside and there is an opening at the top of the case for the built-in handle to fit through making it easier and safer to learn and play wherever you wish. Just like the Beatbox, you can deck out the case with paint or stickers or really whatever you think you can super glue on.

The Beatbox will come with a built-in handle and cardboard carrying case pictured above.




We’ve teamed up with Melodics, a subscription based music education software, to provide special lessons to help you master the BeatBox. The lessons will come free with a promo code we will provide you. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to become a master beat maker.

Melodics is a subscription based educational music software that will be host to special free Beatbox lessons with a promo code we will provide.



As of right now, our mixer section only includes gain adjust for each drum pad group. While it’s sufficient for basic production, for professional level fine-tuning you really want something more sophisticated, but developing this requires capital. After all, no other product in the market at this price point offers audio mixing at this level. Once we hit $150,000, we’ll develop our mixer section further to reflect channel EQs, panning, and enable adding up to 2 macro effects per channel, so you can produce professional sounding beats straight off of the Beatbox!



This is a pretty revolutionary idea we had over learning how to play your own beats while making marketing materials. We realized that instead of trying to remember how the beat plays out, it was more efficient if we just played along with the sequencer graph.

So here’s the idea: you map out a sequence, and the app will let you turn it into a Guitar Hero like lesson that helps you practice the sequence, so you get to learn your own pattern. After all, we want to do everything we can to enable you to play your beats out live. Your hard work should pay off in performance!

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