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Sticky Button Fix!

Hey all, have received some messages regarding some units having sticky buttons lately. We did a little investigation, and found out that this is a rather easy issue to fix at home, we are talking potentially less than a minute per button. We put together a little animation as an instruction, enjoy!

We believe that an animation is great for easily going through the issue and fix, but if the animation isn't clear enough, here's a step by step write up: The issue is mostly found in our Rhythmo Technics units, namely for the small 24mm black buttons. We noticed that this is due to the manufacturer using a different button for some reason from what we have approved. As you can see in this picture, the white button with side openings is what we approved for the product, whereas in these Rhythmo Technics units we have found what's on the left, without side openings on the body. This full wall around the button is a lot less tolerating on any imperfections on the button dome itself, which is what's causing the stickiness on these buttons. We think the reason for this might be the button manufacturer not having enough stock for the amount of buttons we ordered, and decided to use another model they had in hand without letting the kit manufacturer know.

These buttons are a bit tricky to take apart. Take the screwdriver included in box, and locate the small tabs under the button. These tabs hold the switch in place. Push in, with quite a bit of force (don't worry, you won't break them) to push the switch out.

Once both tabs are pushed out, the entire switch assembly should come out.

Take off the dome, use your fingernail to smooth out the outer edge of the button a bit. For a more elegant solution, use a piece of sandpaper, but we honestly found just running through the edge with your fingernail once is pretty sufficient.

In order to test if the button is fixed, you can just put the dome back into the button body and see if there's still any interference. The dome should be able to slide in and out of the button body without much resistance.

If the button dome is able to move freely in the button body, you are good to go! Assemble the button back and you now have a smooth button. If you aren't finding any luck in this operation, or if the switches themselves are sticky (which we haven't really found a single instance of yet), let us know and we'll send you some replacement buttons.

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