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Music Education is in Need of an Update

We want the days of bored students playing Hot Cross Buns out of tune on a recorder to be a thing of the past. Let’s be real, most of us have never picked up a recorder after elementary school and have never wanted to. That era of music class can end now with the introduction of electronic music education. Combining valuable computer skills with a practical and modern creative outlet will provide children a well rounded music education that instills the STEM values that will put them ahead. On top of all of that, it is really fun. It is the educational equivalent of putting broccoli in brownies. 

The BeatBox, the first cardboard MIDI controller drum machine kit, is the perfect choice for educators interested in upping their music education game. Here’s why:


The BeatBox is a DIY project. That means we give you all the pieces you need and you assemble it yourself. Building the BeatBox yourself adds an additional layer of STEM learning and instills a deeper understanding of the hardware and how and why it works. Assembly takes about an hour, and there is no soldering involved. Every piece screws on or uses quick connection to snap into the chassis. Take LEGOs as an example, once you build them they sit on a shelf. With the BeatBox, building is just step one. Once it is assembled, the fun has only just begun and you have a functional instrument to learn and play with.


We have built our own in-app mobile studio software specially for BeatBox users. That means you don’t have to spend any extra money on a 3rd party DAW. You get everything you need to use the kit in one purchase. Our software comes pre-loaded with tutorials, making learning how to play super easy and intuitive.


If there is already a DAW that you know and love and want to teach with, you can still use the BeatBox. The BeatBox is compatible with most 3rd party DAWs such as Garageband or Ableton.


We have partnered with the music production education software, Melodics, to provide free specialized lessons on playing the BeatBox. Every order of a BeatBox will come with an access code. These lessons can help students learn the basics of playing electronic music, while learning how to use a common educational software. Melodics teaches hand positioning, beat keeping and making, along with other essential skills. It is very easy to follow and customize to the users speed and experience level. The lessons are broken down into levels, and have a game play feel while being educational.


We are currently working on building modifications for the BeatBox to expand on the opportunities for growth and keep the kit engaging. Right now a foot pedal is in the works. It is not confined to what we dream up, users could build their own additions to the kit themselves. 


The kit retails for $159 and includes the BeatBox and the mobile studio software. Most software on the market can cost hundreds of dollars and you still have to purchase an instrument to use with them. We give you both.


Playing the BeatBox is a lot of fun! We promise you’ll be met with a classroom full of smiles if you introduce the BeatBox.


Experiencing electronic music education gives students a leg up. Music is no longer only analog and is opening its doors to more creators by going digital. Now you don’t have to own a whole suite of instruments to build a robust song. You can access a surplus of sounds online and use them for a much lower cost. You could have the next Grammy winning DJ or producer in your classroom.


Making music is a wonderful hobby. The BeatBox gives everyone a chance to be an artist. Building a song is personal and the results are satisfying. It is a fantastic way for children to express themselves creatively, safely and productively. It is the perfect break for students as there are no right or wrong answers and originality is encouraged and celebrated. 

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