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Female Finger Drummers to Follow on Instagram

We recently wrote about some of our favorite finger drummers to follow on Instagram and decided now is the perfect time to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite female finger drummers on Instagram. We’ve compiled a little list of very talented musicians to check out for yourself. If there is someone we missed who you think we should look in to, let us know!

Gnarly is a London based self described finger drummer, producer, and DJ. Her feed is mostly filled with finger drumming videos with a promo posts for shows she’s playing mixed in. Gnarly is wicked talented and the fish eyed lens she uses is a fun touch. She has a YouTube channel if you want to see more. Check out her page.

AY is an Austrian based beatboxer according to her bio. Her feed is spectacularly curated. She has a video where she makes a song with candy and another aptly titled “How to Create a Song.” AYGUL is very creative with her video editing and you can see it for yourself below.

Angelina is a Chicagoan music maker. Her debut album “Emotions” is out now if you want to hear more from her. Her Instagram page features collabs with other musicians and stand alone pieces. There is a blend of bedroom beat making and promotional posters. We really dig what she’s doing. We’ve linked her profile below.

Shashe uses an Akai MPK Mini to make her beats. Her page has inspirational quotes from celebrities who range from inspirational speaker Brené Brown to current chart topper Ed Sheeran. Her page radiates positive vibes and is perfect for when you need a pick me up. Turn your day around by checking it out below.

Krista’s beats start off with the tagline “Krista bodied it” and we can confirm, she does. Her page only boasts 33 posts but her recent videos are fire and we are excited to see what she shares moving forward. Of those posts, one is a tutorial and we love with talented people share their tips with others. See it below. 

Eve has some cool beats and cool video effects accompanying them. She has a mini series on her page called “Home is the Beat” that we really love. Her merch is really cute, if you’re in the market for a new hat check hers out and support a talented female artist. Watch one of her videos here.

Mari is a finger drummer who we’ve been fans of for a while. On her page she has a video where she makes a Bruno Mars type beat which is perfect for those who want to know what it takes to make a beat like his. Watch the video yourself below.

We hope you enjoyed our list! Check out our Instagram page here, and Facebook here if you want to know more about who we are and what we do.

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