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2019 Goldie Awards Recap

Photo of Lionclad, DJ ADMC, and A-Trak from Goldie Awards Twitter

Congrats to the winners of the third annual Goldie Awards! The show was held in Brooklyn on October 17th and was presented by Adidas Originals, TMWRK, and Fool’s Gold. It featured two separate competition categories, a DJ Battle and a Beat Battle. The battles were judged by A-Trak, who founded Fool’s Gold and created the Goldie Awards, Armand van Helden, Busy P, Just Blaze, DJ Craze, Take A Daytrip, Alison Wonderland, UNIIQU3 and Kittens. DJ ADMC won the DJ Battle.

The contestants for the Beat Battle were, Astrallbass, Coby, Hypedupreese, Lionclad, Lord Drucifer, Moore Kismet, Sayan, and Buck Rodgers. Moore Kismet is a 14-year-old producer. Astrallbass performed a live mix using a hand-held synthesizer. Each producer is given 5 minutes to play a pre-made track featuring an A-trak heavy metal sample that he chose himself. Lionclad and Astrallbass went head to head in a battle. Lionclad flew in from South Korea to compete. She broke the 5 minute time limit, but still took home the crown at her first ever competition.

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