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DIY Cardboard

MIDI Controller

Audio Production Kit


Making music is made easy with the BeatBox. 


The DIY kit comes with everything needed for assembly and it only takes an hour to build your very own electronic instrument. The kit comes with an on-board amplifier, speakers, battery pack, and access to our very own mobile app preloaded with sound-packs and tutorials, saving you the trouble of getting additional equipment and guidance to start.


Why wait any longer to start making music?

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Build your own electronic instrument from the ground up with your own hands.

Learn how to produce and perform with our in-app tutorials and subscription partners. Educators click here!

Create and play your own beats anywhere in the world. We mean it, anywhere.


Plastic Chassis

Yes, you can get a solid plastic chassis for your BeatBox! Once you assemble the plastic chassis you can build your kit with it just like you would with the cardboard one.


Create your own sound

The BeatBox is the tool you need to get the music that's in you out into the world.


The possibilities are endless with the BeatBox. There’s a lifetime full of music production and performance packed into one cardboard box, all it takes is a push of a button (or two or three!).


Check out our YouTube channel to see what we’ve made using the BeatBox.


Learn to produce and play

If you are brand new to music production,  finger drumming, or both, the BeatBox is for you.


We offer in-app tutorials that take you step-by-step through all the functions and features of our mobile production suite. We are partnered with Melodics to provide free finger drumming lessons for our users. 


In a world buzzing with technology, the BeatBox bridges the gap between the makers and the users. By learning the foundations of building an electronic you open up a whole new world of creation.


Building the BeatBox 

The BeatBox comes unassembled with all the parts you need to put it together. It only takes about an hour to put it all together. Did we mention that there's no soldering involved whatsoever?


The BeatBox is fully customizable, so with a bit of exploration, you can create the experience that fits your playstyle. 


Explore your inner engineer by dreaming up ways you can modify your BeatBox. Click here to see some of our modifications.

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The Key to the BeatBox - Our App! 

Each BeatBox order comes bundled with access to the Rhythmo Lab app*. The app is a fully mobile production suite that features performance, sequencer, and sampler pages. We are working on new features everyday. In fact, the app will continue to grow and be updated to make sure it is the best it can be for our users.


Step one: download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Step two: plug in and play. It’s really that easy.


*App currently in Beta.

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