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Let us Upgrade U

We’ve been brainstorming about how we can make your BeatBox experience the best it can be for a while now. Our backers have given us great feedback about what they want to see from us, and we’ve took it into consideration and came up with three upgrade options you can add on to your pre-order now. Keep reading to learn about them.


For $25 you can get a solid plastic chassis for your BeatBox. If you’re like us and have a soft spot for the cardboard look and feel, don’t worry your order will still come with the original chassis you can use too. Once you assemble the plastic chassis you can build your kit with it just like you would with the cardboard one. Every part will still be screwed on or quick connection. If you want a chassis made out of a material other than cardboard or plastic, have no fear, we will be releasing a template for it so you can make one yourself at home out of whatever your heart desires. We are excited to see what people dream up.


For $30 we will include SANWA quiet buttons with your order. Like with the chassis, the original buttons will still be included with your order. There is less travel on the quiet buttons so they actuate quicker. There is a foam damper built in to the buttons as a silencer. If you are real about finger drumming you should know these are the buttons the pros use.


If you want to get the most bang for your buck, consider the Turbo Pack. For $45 you can add 50W speakers, a 12v battery pack, and an amplifier module to your order. If you want to bring the noise, you should definitely invest in the Turbo Pack for the speaker upgrade and amplifier module. 

If you plan on backing us on Indiegogo, the upgrade options will be available to you on our campaign page. The BeatBox itself, a DIY MIDI controller drum machine kit, is going for $139 for the campaign. The upgrades will be added to that cost if you decide to go with one or two or all three of them. If you already backed us on Kickstarter and are bummed you missed out on these add-ons, don’t be! Backerkit will be sending out a survey to our Kickstarter backers to offer you the opportunity to upgrade your existing order.

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