• Meredith Schmidt

Android Issues, App Alternatives, International Shipments

If you are on Android, make sure you watch this video below explaining what's going on for our Android app:

To put this in writing, we are experiencing a delay issue on the board input ONLY with Android devices. We really didn't see this coming, since the hardware prototypes along the way worked fine with Android, except this latest version, and late 2020 we had a major rework on the UI of the app, which we only tested on iOS, so we haven't given the Android side too much testing until December. We think the issue lays in the firmware, and we are talking to the manufacturer on getting an older version of the firmware to see what's been changed. We might need to do a mass recall on this board from Android users. If you are on other devices, this issue shouldn't affect you at all.

We had to hold off on international orders before this issue can be resolved. Now that we are sure that it's only on Android, we should be able to ship out all others. We will be sending out a mass email today and tomorrow (we still have to figure out how to send emails to all of you without bouncing), with a survey on what platform you are on, so definitely get back to us by this weekend so we can get your unit out. We have to do this since we can't possibly afford doing recalls internationally. For US backers it's a matter of less than $10 on shipping, but internationally we might as well go bankrupt. I'm very sorry and disappointed in how we missed this issue.

The app on Android otherwise works fine, other than file importing. Android file management is massively different from iOS, which we need to change a lot of structures over. Meanwhile, all Android users can try out using either Cakewalk by Bandlab (https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk), or Roland Zenbeats (https://www.roland.com/us/products/rc_zenbeats/), both are free on PC or Mac, and both work with the BeatBox. Although they are not made for the BeatBox, which makes the usage not ideal, they are both very functional and you should at least be able to get some beats going.

Other than that, most Kickstarter shipments should have been out. We still have about 40 packages in the office ready to go, just need the UPS pickup person to swing by. A lot of your units are on the road, especially if you are in a further state. We've been having a TON of emails from everybody lately asking where their units are, since they've seen others already getting the BeatBox, and to be honest, with everything going on, there's just no way we can reply to all of you on time, so just bear with us a bit longer.

Although the app functions on iOS, it's far from perfect. We have an iPhone 11 pro, iPhone 8 and iPad air in the office to test with, and we haven't been seeing too many crashes, however we have noticed that a lot of the iOS testers have had crashes all over the place. Definitely reach out to us if you are able to pinpoint a surefire issue that'd cause a crash, and email us at feedback@rhythmo.io, since otherwise there's no way we'd know what the issue really is. This would help us speed up our debugging process a lot. We've been posting this email address in our facebook backer group this entire week with everybody talking about app crashes, and we somehow haven't gotten a single email on bugs... Help us out here, please.

There's been about 4 of you that got back to me on missing parts. When we are dealing with this amount of parts and orders, it's bound to happen, since the packing list is a lot more significant than most electronics (think about a cellphone, there's really only a phone, cord, charger, manuals, that's it; we have a packing list of over 30 items). If a part is really missing or dead on arrival, reach out to us and we'll get it replaced for you.

Anyways, in the next few days we'll post video tutorials on basic functionalities on the app, as well as Ableton mapping. Since it seems like not all of you are checking updates, we are also looking into setting up a membership system on our website, that'll only send you emails on crucial updates without any marketing.

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